Community Support

We are a nonprofit organization on a mission to provide individuals with developmental disabilities (including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder) with vocational and residential services to increase their independence and individual choices.

‘A New Leaf’ is expanding to Owasso. They will be located at 86th st N. and Memorial on nearly forty-nine acres. A New Leaf teaches those with developmental disabilities life skills to help them find their independence. This new development consists of houses that will support their residential services program. These homes will be part of an agricultural center where flowers and produce will be grown. This creates an employment opportunity for the residence to learn valuable life skills and marketable job training so that they can have a chance to become successful members of society. Check out this link to A New Leaf’s website for more information.


Youth and Family Programs and Activities

    The Owasso Community Center is pleased to announce that we will now be offering programs that are targeted for young adults, families, and youth.We are constantly adding programs so be on the lookout for new classes!

We are about to boogie out of our shoes from excitement about our toddler dance class! This class is designed to promote a love of the arts, improve self-esteem, and develop their imagination.

As Ms. Frizzle from ‘The Magic School Bus’ would say, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy”. That is exactly what we are doing at The Owasso Community Center by offering six visits from The Tulsa Children’s Museum. Explore the science of sound, play with canister rockets, investigate what a storm chaser is, become a pipeline engineer, and discover what makes the human body so amazing!

We hope to see you at the Owasso Community Center!

Kirsten McCullough

-Youth and Family Program Coordinator

 or 918-272-HELP-(4357) Address 8361 N Owasso Expressway Suite G, Owasso OK 74055 – Click on the PRC image to go to their website for more information.

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