Live in Owasso, Live, Work, Play

My name is Tammy Luczak I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Select in Owasso, Oklahoma.  I created this page to assist home buyers who are considering moving to Owasso, by providing one convenient website with all of the information that home buyers are looking for. I also wanted to create a website where my clients showcase their listings.  My clients, of course, are people who need to buy or sell a home. My passion, however, is to reach beyond just fulfilling your need to buy or sell. My promise to you is to be your confidant who will stand beside you and stand up for you through the entire process. I bring to the table not only the knowledge that I have obtained from an extensive study in the real estate industry but also, the ability to always be the calming force in any storm. This inner peace gives me confidence that defies all understanding. This trait is invaluable during the negotiation process. My creativity gives birth to marketing ideas that scream LOOK AT ME! And I will always be sensitive to the form of communication that you prefer. So bottom line, This is what I know. When you hire a professional who’s negotiation skills can’t be beaten, who’s marketing is beyond all expectations, and who communication is on point.  You will be happier, the buying or selling process will be faster, and your experience will be a pleasant one. Please don’t hesitate to call me when you are ready to begin this journey. Tammy Luczak 918.500.8850 Real estate transactions with compassion.